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At 5:43 pm EST on August 16th, 2014 Brian Richard Gallagher, known throughout the blogosphere as DC Fanatic was relieved of the pain and suffering he has gone through for far too long. Everyone who knew him through his blogging and social media knew a man so passionate about the Dallas Cowboys that he would argue with fans that he thought weren’t “fan enough”.  Some fans thought he didn’t support his team through hard times and bad losses. No matter the perspective you had or wether you agreed with him or not you all agreed he earned respect among the community.

In reality to the people that knew him personally he was a man with many problems. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Through it all one thing remained. His love for the Dallas Cowboys. Brian’s life was in a bad place when he decided that he needed something to take his mind off reality and focus on doing what he loved to do. DC started in 2003 as when Bill Parcells was the head coach. Growing up in New York in a family of Giants fans he was ecstatic when Parcells became the coach of the Cowboys. As short lived as that was it started what became an obsession for him and when Parcells left the team he changed the name of the site to

Over the years and many incarnations, this site developed a following that surpassed most fan sites and the more DC Fanatic became a personality, the less Brian Gallagher became a person. Other media outlets come to this site for prep work and sometimes to outright rip off whole articles. Through it all Brian received not one penny to research, edit video, post breaking news and find information that nobody else had the time or ambition to seek out, and host an internet radio sports show. He was paid a few dollars here and there for advertising but nowhere near what he should have made for his time and knowledge.

As his health declined he would post less and less and not have the strength to sit up all day to do so much research but he did the most he could because he knew the fans were depending on him. I truly believe that you all kept him alive a lot longer than he otherwise would have been had he not started this site and gained so many followers. I thank you for all of your support and well wishes during this tough time for me and my family and for all of the years you added onto his life by just giving him a purpose…

Timothy J Gallagher


R.I.P. DC Fanatic

March 5, 1972-August 16, 2014


DC Fanatic…… A Legend in our own minds.

Unfortunately I have some terrible news to share. Brian Gallagher aka DC Fanatic has taken a turn for the worse. I met with his doctor and nurses today and due to his condition there is nothing more they can do for him. His blood pressure has gotten so low that they can no longer do the dialysis on his kidneys. His lungs are too damaged from pneumonia to take him off the respirator and had to be put into and induced coma. I was appointed as his medical proxy and have the most difficult task of deciding when to let him go peacefully. He has told me many times that if it ever came to this and that there was a time when he could no longer be him to not make him hang on. To be fair to everyone who knows and loves him I am allowing a few days for you to make your peace with him and tell him how much he meant to you. If you can make it in the next few days to Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY I suggest you do so. If not, I understand and so does he. His condition is very delicate and they do not know how long he will make it on his own. As per his wishes I signed a DNR so time is sensitive. I am truly heartbroken and am devastated that I even have to say these words. I want my brother back! But I also will not let him suffer. Be at peace and we will always be together.. Duke..

Dear DC Fanatic Fans.

This is DC Fanatic’s brother. The reason you haven’t seen DC posting in a while is because at this time he is very ill and in the hospital. Over the course of the past few months his health has taken a turn for the worse and he had to be admitted to the hospital to receive the proper care he needs. His doctors are very hopeful he will recover and are doing all they can for him. I know this blog and all of its readers are DC’s life and passion so it would be unfair to keep everyone in the dark about what is going on and where he has been. As his brother and closest friend I ask that everyone keep him in their thoughts and prayers and give him the strength to get through this illness. If you would like to send your wishes and get wells you can mail them to


c/o Brian Gallagher
39 Oak Street #6

Walden, NY 12586

I will be sure to forward every single one of them to him. Right now he needs all the love and support he can get and his family understands how much you all mean to him…

Thank You

Timothy J Gallagher.


DeMarcus Lawrence: Ware replacement is already out 10 weeks

DeMarcus Lawrence is already out 10 weeks, read here.

Cry. I give you permission to cry for a few minutes.



Romo misses another practice on Tuesday

Romo misses another practice on Tuesday, read here.

ALARMING. We were told Romo was going to be back 100mph for this camp.

Sitting out practices is not 100mph.

My health update: A lot of misdiagnosing and frustration. Maybe next week I can cone back 100mph.



Camp is open. Can’t you feel the excitement Billie Jean King!

Anthony Spencer and Ron Leary start preseason on PUP list. Brandon Carr is not at camp due to a personal matter. Pads go on Saturday…



Cowboys releasing QB Kyle Orton


Fox Sports: Roundtable for the Dallas Cowboys


Michael Irvin: Chris Carter told my wife to leave me back in the day

Pretty sure I would have found Cris Carter after finding out about this and knocking him out…

You never tell my family to abandon me in y time of need. Disgusting!


Cowboys trade for LB Rolando McClian

You trade for players like this because you have to start taking chances on guys who have once showed promise because the injuries to Sean Lee have wrecked the defensive plan for 2014, read here.

He’s a head case and I doubt he turns into anything for the Cowboys in 1014.